Gunda at Stonzek Theatre

Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Friday, January 21 | 6:00 pm
Saturday, January 22 | 3:00 pm | 5:00 pm | 7:00 pm
Sunday, January 23 | 3:00 pm | 5:00 pm

Directors Victor Kossakovsky, Documentary, Rated “G’, USA, English, 93 min., 2020.

This is a poetic take on animal life. Director Victor Kossakovsky lets us see a family of pigs, some cows, and a one-legged chicken in their own complex world. No music, no narration, just the everyday life of these beings. ‘Gunda’ is funny, sad, and solemn.

“Gunda is a mesmerizing perspective on sentience within animal species, normally – and perhaps purposely – hidden from our view. Displays of pride and reverence, amusement and bliss at a pig’s inquisitive young; her panic, despair, and utter defeat in the face of cruel trickery, are validations of just how similarly all species react and cope with events in our respective lives. Victor Kossakovsky has crafted a visceral meditation on existence that transcends the normal barriers that separate species. It is a film of profound importance and artistry.” – Joaquin Phoenix, Executive Producer

Gunda is pure cinema. This is a film to take a bath in – it’s stripped to its essential elements, without any interference. It’s what we should all aspire to as filmmakers and audiences – pictures and sound put together to tell a powerful and profound story without rush. It’s jaw-dropping images and sound put together with the best ensemble cast and you have something more like a potion than a movie.» – Paul Thomas Anderson

Stonzek Theatre
709 Lake Ave.