"The Plagiarists" & "Greener Grass" at Stonzek Theatre

Thursday, November 07, 2019

THE PLAGIARISTS movie poster Greener Grass movie poster

dir. Peter Parlow, Drama, Not Rated, USA, English, 2019,76 min.

When a young white couple’s car breaks down after a weekend getaway, they’re helped by an older black man who inspires them with his creative wisdom. When they discover six months later that the words he spoke might not be his own, they’re horrified, fixating on his “crime” while forced to confront the originality of their own lives.

dir. Dawn Luebbe and Jocelyn DeBoer, Comedy, Not Rated, USA, English, 2019, 95 min

In a day-glo-colored, bizarro version of suburbia where adults wear braces on their already-straight teeth, everyone drives golf carts, and children magically turn into golden retrievers, soccer moms and best friends Jill (Jocelyn DeBoer) and Lisa (Dawn Luebbe) are locked in a passive aggressive battle-of-the-wills that takes a turn into the sinister when Lisa begins systematically taking over every aspect of Jill’s life—starting with her newborn daughter. Meanwhile, a psycho yoga teacher killer is on the loose, Jill’s husband (Beck Bennett) has developed a curious taste for pool water, and Lisa is pregnant with a soccer ball.

Stonzek Theatre
709 Lake Ave.

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