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LULA=Lucerne + Lake

LU for Lucerne Avenue, and LA for Lake Avenue

In the tradition of great Arts Districts, the name “LULA” comes from the merging of the names of the streets around which it is located. Just as New York’s “Soho” district denotes the area “south” of “Houston” Street, Lake Worth’s “LULA” centers between Lucerne and Lake Avenues. Lyrical and distinctive, it is a natural fit for Lake Worth’s nascent district.

This focus on the streets helps to locate the arts district within the greater Lake Worth region, but more importantly, it reinforces the culture-rich urban setting that gave birth to the district. It Just as New York’s “Soho” district denotes the area “south” of “Houston” Street, Lake Worth’s “LULA” centers between Lucerne and Lake Avenues.also carves out a character for itself that supports the city without consuming it. To wit, LULA is Lake Worth, but Lake Worth is not LULA. This distance is crucial in allowing the district room to expand cultural horizons that reach beyond the city’s borders. To grow, it must attract artists and connoisseurs alike, and thus must satisfy the requirement for a transcendent name.
Lula rolls from the tongue, playfully evoking the spirit of the arts, sounding like notes from a song and inspiring like a muse long sheltered by the shore of a tropical lagoon.

LULA looks to improve the social, economic and cultural conditions of Lake Worth’s community through meaningful, quality arts programming. Whether it is after-school programs targeting at risk youths, public art refurbishing a blighted downtown area, or a music festival bringing together a diverse audience from the community, successful programming utilizes community driven planning that creates a stronger community.


  • Holiday Window Decorating Contest

    The Lake Worth Beach CRA presents: HOLIDAY WINDOW DECORATING CONTEST! to enter please email the CRA at ETheodossakos@lakeworthbeachcra.org by December 10th. Please be sure to include your business name, address, email and phone number. To be considered for judging/prizes an email must be received... Read More
  • LULA Lake Worth Arts Adds New Colorful Art Installation in Downtown Lake Worth Beach

    The Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and local non-profit organization, LULA-Lake Worth Arts, are excited to announce the newest public art installation in Lake Worth Beach. In September, the CRA and LULA-Lake Worth Arts sponsored a ‘yarn bomb’ installation at an undeveloped... Read More
  • Size Up Lake Worth Beach

    The Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency is launching SIZE UP LWB on its website today, making powerful market research and business intelligence available to local businesses to help them succeed. Local businesses can now access industry-specific and hyperlocal information to help them grow and make smarter decisions using Big Data analysis. The research is individually customized for each company. By using the website service local businesses are able to... Read More
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