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Lake Worth Beach CRA & LULA Lake Worth Arts 2024 Adirondack Chairs Community Call for Artists

The Lake Worth Beach CRA is turning up the heat this summer by installing Adirondack chairs transformed into works of art by LOCAL artists throughout the downtown!

Artists and artist teams of all experience levels are encouraged to apply.

These functional works of art will be positioned throughout downtown Lake Worth Beach making the urban setting more beautiful and relaxing for residents and guests alike.

For questions and more details please Email: etheodossakos@lakeworthbeachfl.gov

This community art project is graciously underwritten by Lake Worth Cultural Renaissance Foundation (LULA Lake Worth Arts).

• Artist Application Deadline – June 20th • Artist Notification – June 27th • Sketches Due – July 8th • Chair Completion – August 20th • Chair Unveiling – Saturday, September 28th (Good Neighbor Day)

About the project:

Lake Worth Beach CRA is turning up the heat this summer! We are seeking local creatives, artists, illustrators and/ or designers who can turn a collection of Adirondack chairs into works of art highlighting one of Lake Worth Beach’s destinations and or distinctive attributes. Once painted, the works of art will be positioned throughout the downtown making the urban setting more beautiful more inspiring for artists and relaxing for residents and guests alike. Artists and artists teams of all experience levels are encouraged to apply during the “call for artists” period.

About Lake Worth Beach:

Imagine—waking up every morning to sunny blue skies, 75-degree weather, and the sounds of a fresh sea breeze as it sways through the palm trees. Located just 65 miles north of Miami and roughly 160 miles south of Orlando while situated along one of the most beautiful coastlines this Country has to offer, Lake Worth Beach is an ideal and affordable small city for both visitors and new residents alike. With gorgeous beaches, a new and improved fishing pier, a public golf course, neighborhoods rich with history, and a walkable downtown bustling with coffee shops, art galleries, independently owned shops, excellent restaurants and bars, and live music, it’s no wonder more and more people are flocking to this historic gem located in central Palm Beach County.

• Artist Application Deadline – June 20, 2024 • Artist Notification – June 27, 2024 • Sketches Due – July 8, 2024 • Chair Pick-up No Later than – July 12, 2024 • Chair Completion – August 20, 2024 • Chair Unveiling – Saturday, September 28, 2024 (Good Neighbor Day)

Rules for Entry:

1. Artists are required to provide three (3) images of their past artwork in any medium to be considered. Email images to: etheodossakos@lakeworthbeachfl.gov

** PLEASE NOTE — Artists selected for the 2023 Adirondack Chair program are not eligible to apply for this year’s program.

2. Selected artists will be notified on June 27. A preliminary sketch and brief description of artist’s proposed design will be due by July 8. Chairs must be picked up from HATCH 1121 (1121 Lucerne Avenue) no later than July 12.

3. Artwork must be appropriate for public viewing. No words, symbols or logos intended as advertising may appear within the chair design. Additionally, the image should be appropriate for viewing by people of all ages – so no profanity, political commentary, nudity or adult content is allowed. Inclusion of any of these items will result in immediate removal of your art.

4. Artists who plan to reproduce another artist’s work MUST provide written permission in the form of an email or letter from that artist or his/her representative.

Stipend & Recognition:

Each artist/artist team selected will receive a $1,000.00 stipend, one Adirondack chair and the following opportunities for recognition:
• Artists selected will be featured prominently on the LULA Lake Worth Arts website.
• Artists selected will receive extensive social media engagement, including a weekly artist spotlight.
• Artists selected will be encouraged to sign their chairs and are welcome to include their website, social media handle, hashtag, etc.

Selection & Destination/Distinctive Attribute Matching Process:

Once all submissions have been reviewed final applicants will be chosen. All artists will be notified of their status no later than June 27, 2024 by email.

A preliminary sketch and brief description of the artist’s proposed chair design is due by July 8, 2024.

Letter of Agreement:

Upon selection and final design approval, each artist will complete a letter of agreement (“Contract”). If an artist is under 21 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the Contract on behalf of the artist. All finished artwork must be faithful to the drawings, design and concept as approved by the selection committee.

Important Notes:

The Lake Worth Beach CRA will provide each selected artist/Artist team with one (1) Adirondack chair.

Chairs must be primed, painted, sealed to specification and delivered to HATCH 1121 (1121 Lucerne Avenue) no later than August 20, 2024. All painted chairs will be placed outdoors. Chairs will be subjected to rain and inclement summer conditions. We ask that artists adhere to the specifications/guidelines as listed below when painting/treating chairs for our guests and visitors. Lake Worth Beach CRA reserves the right to remove, replace, rearrange and re-treat all painted chairs as needed.

Each Adirondack chair is custom made from a cedar wood, hand-crafted and primed prior to pick-up.

Artists are strongly encouraged to:

• Thoroughly sand the chair prior to applying any products.
• Once sanded, apply a thick coat of oil-based primer.
• Once primed, use oil RUSTOLEUM paint for your artwork.
• Once art is completed, apply 2 coats of Spar Varnish.
• All primer, paint and varnish must be applied with a brush.

Important payment/stipend information:

• An approved sketch, signed contract and valid W-9 are required in order to receive the stipend and pick-up the Adirondack chair.
• Adirondack chair will be available for pick-up after approval of the preliminary sketch, receipt of the signed Contract and W-9.
• Stipend will be paid approximately 30 days after receipt of signed Contract and W-9.

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