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The bustling Lake Worth is an eclectic city in Florida, filled with many surprises and hidden wonders in every corner.

Thanks to its location in Palm Beach County, this city is blessed with balmy weather, sunny skies, and the salty sea breeze from the Atlantic.

So you can expect lots of oceanside fun while in town!

But the biggest asset of Lake Worth is its community, which is said to be one of the most diverse in the whole county.

And with that comes an array of talented groups and individuals who’ve created a thriving art scene, festivals, and memorable events where human creativity is celebrated.

Then there are the six historic districts of the city, which offer rare glimpses of a Florida during the bygone days.

So if you’re looking for a place that has a little of everything, this is it!

Here are the 15 best things to do in Lake Worth, FL:

Join the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

One of the most anticipated events in the city is Lake Worth Street Painting Festival.

This colorful and fun celebration brings together talented artists from all over the region for a weekend of art.

Armed with chalk, paint, and lots of enthusiasm, these people flock to the streets at downtown Lake Worth to create masterpieces.

Anything is allowed—portraits, abstract art, landscapes; it’s all up to the artist’s imagination and source of inspiration.

The result is large squares of vibrant and stunning artworks showcasing the diverse talent of Palm Beach County.

As the largest festival of its kind in the whole country, the event can host as many as 600 artists annually.

So make sure it’s on the top of our itinerary when planning your adventures in the city.

Bond with Your Loved Ones at Fun Depot

If you’re not ready to get out into the sun, Fun Depot is a great stopover for the whole family!

This amusement center houses a ton of indoor games plus their own Go-Kart racing course.

The 0.5-mile track has twists, curves, and turns that will have kids and kids at heart laughing and enjoying the experience—no driver’s license needed!

For those who want to test their teamwork and accuracy skills, play a few rounds at the laser tag arena.

The facility has the coolest sets and laser tag equipment for an immersive and memorable game.

Then there’s the arcade section, offering old classics and revamped versions that you can play all day!

So get moving, dance to the beat, shoot a few hoops, or test your shooting skills at one of the many machines on this section.

Have Fun under the Sun at Lake Worth Beach Park

For the ultimate Florida Experience, Lake Worth Beach Park is the place to be.

It’s located on the barrier island that separates Lake Worth Lagoon from the Atlantic, filled with restaurants, stores, and golden beaches.

The fine sand is ideal for sunbathing, strolling, and relaxing under the Florida sun.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can head to the lengthy pier and try your hand at fishing.

Then there are the nearby shops, offering various items and services, including rentals for water sports equipment.

Lake Worth Casino is also just a few steps away from the beach, so if you want to test your luck, then make a stopover at the facility.

Otherwise, you’re welcome to spend all day at the beach and just appreciate the magnificent views of the Atlantic.

Learn the City’s Past at Lake Worth Historical Museum

Lake Worth is steeped in history, with many past societies laying claim to the beautiful lands.

The best place to learn all this is at Lake Worth Historical Museum.

It’s located on the second floor of the Old Lake Worth City Hall, open to residents and visitors who want to immerse themselves in the city’s history.

Here, you’ll find artifacts, photographs, collections, and reading material detailing Lake Worth’s colorful past.

One of its most important collections is the textile exhibits, which showcase fabrics used by the pioneers when they first arrived in the area.

Spot Manatees at Snook Islands Natural Area

Sitting on the edge of Lake Worth Lagoon is the picturesque Snook Islands Natural Area.

It stands in contrast to its urbanized surroundings, making it a small and peaceful oasis for those who want serenity.

While it was once an ecologically dead area, the city has turned it around by adding native plants and strengthening conservation efforts.

Eventually, wildlife started repopulating the area, including local birds and manatees.

You can access the area via a boardwalk, leading you to the park’s farthest edges.

Kayaking is also a great means of transport, as it will let you see the oyster beds up close and personal.

These marine animals are integral to the restoration efforts of the area, as their filtering capabilities help clean the water in the vicinity.

Check Out the Artworks at HATCH 1121

While there are many galleries in Lake Worth, HATCH 1121 has become one of the more well-known facilities in the city.

It’s all thanks to its “Great Wall of Artists” that has made an impression on residents and visitors alike.

This mural is actually the entire exterior walls of the gallery, painted with portraits, abstract art, and other images that make it stand out from the nearby buildings.

So, upon arrival, you’d immediately know that this place is a hotspot for the visual arts.

Inside, you’d find exhibits of the city’s local artists, ranging from paintings to sculptures.

These are only there for a limited time, with new collections replacing old ones regularly.

So in every visit, you’ll find something new while at HATCH 1121.

Go Birdwatching at Spillway Park

While it’s not located next to Lake Worth Lagoon, Spillway Park is still considered a waterside park.

It sits on the edge of a small channel connecting the lagoon and Lake Clark of West Palm Beach.

This channel is divided by a spillway, hence the attraction's name.

It’s often visited for the tranquil atmosphere and beautiful landscape complemented by the spillway structure.

But most people don’t know that the park is also treated as a nature preserve, home to many types of waterfowl and migratory birds.

Shore fishing is allowed, as the deep waters next to the park are teeming with freshwater species that can tolerate the slight salinity from Lake Worth Lagoon.

Explore the Wonders of Lake Worth Lagoon

The magnificent Lake Worth Lagoon is the body of water from which the city is named.

It divides the barrier island from the main landmass and has brackish water caused by salty and freshwater mixing.

Because of these conditions, the lagoon has become a home to many species that thrive in mangroves and seaside habitats.

To see the magnificent flora and fauna, you can get on a kayak and paddle your way across the lagoon.

Many areas haven’t gone urban development, making them a perfect place to spot shy animals.

Look for playful dolphins, rare manatees, sea turtles, and various types of birds, both local and migratory.

You can also go deep into the mangrove forests, but you’d need a knowledgeable guide to find your way around.

Watch a Concert at Bryant Park

Another lagoon-side attraction in the city is Bryant Park, a peaceful patch of green space with gorgeous views.

It’s a favorite local destination thanks to its many amenities and modern facilities.

These include a concert bandshell, with all the equipment and seating necessary for an enjoyable experience.

So if you want to catch a bombastic live music performance while in Lake Worth, Bryant Park is the place to be.

For those who simply want a quiet afternoon near the lagoon, there are many shady areas and waterside overlooks in the park.

These also serve as the ideal spots for shore fishing, so bring a hook and line during your visit!

Play a Few Rounds at Lake Worth Beach Golf Club

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, you’ll have a great time playing at the scenic Lake Worth Beach Golf Club.

This waterside sporting facility is located next to the lagoon, offering magnificent views that elevate the experience.

With its old-school touch, the 18-hole course offers a moderately challenging experience and classic ambiance.

The well-designed layout is complemented by the rolling terrain, lush fairways, and occasional hazard that blends seamlessly with the whole design.

So bring your A-game when visiting the course to ace every hole!

After your game, don’t forget to visit the Beach Club, the course’s in-house restaurant.

They offer delicious treats and refreshing drinks perfect after playing under the Florida sun.

Catch a Show at Lake Worth Playhouse

Lake Worth Playhouse is the hub for performance art in Lake Worth, a local institution with a thriving theater company.

It’s located on the former Oakley Theatre, one of the oldest Art Deco-style buildings in all of Palm Beach County.

Today, the destination serves as a hybrid venue where film screenings and theater plays are held.

The local company is composed of talented actors, playwrights, and technicians who produce shows all year round.

Whether it’s comedies, tragedies, musicals, Broadway favorites, or children’s shows, they’ve created a wide variety of programs in every season.

Aside from these live performances, you can watch indie and mainstream films at the playhouse.

So check their calendar and see what show you can catch during your visit to Lake Worth.

Test Your Aim at Palm Beach Shooting Center

There are a few other things that are as satisfying as shooting a gun and hitting the target.

So if you want to try this thrilling experience, visit Lake Worth’s Palm Beach Shooting Center.

This is the premier gun destination in the area, an indoor shooting range that welcomes all enthusiasts.

Even minors can come in and try their hand at pulling the trigger!

There are dedicated sections for rifles and pistols, all equipped with protective gear and equipment to ensure a fun and safe experience.

The center also offers gun rentals, ammo sales, and other services, making it a one-stop shop for all your gun needs.

Shop Fresh Produce at Oceanside Farmers Market

Your first thought of an oceanside market might be a place where you can get seafood, but Oceanside Farmers Market offers mostly agricultural products.

Maintaining a fish market is a whole different task that a gathering of local growers is not equipped to handle.

But a visit to Lake Worth’s Oceanside Farmers Market is still well worth the trip.

They’re located next to the lagoon, so you’d be treated to gorgeous views while perusing the stalls.

They offer seasonal vegetables, premium fruits, and other produce freshly harvested from nearby farms and gardens.

You’ll also find products from local businesses, such as cheeses, orchids and bouquets, artisanal furniture, and handmade accessories.

While shopping, you’d be treated to live music performances by local singers, bands, and instrumentalists.

Set Up Camp at John Prince Park

John Prince Park is one of the favorite green spaces in the city, a 726-acre destination with land and water features.

Its most prominent attraction is Lake Osborne, which covers almost half of the park.

The body of water serves as a recreation space for water-related activities, so you can go ahead and kayak, fish, or go boating while at the park.

Swimming is not allowed, but there are plenty of things to do on dry land.

Because of the park’s size, it has many sports facilities such as basketball courts, baseball diamonds, petanque courts, and volleyball courts.

There’s also a fitness trail where you can jog or walk to the park’s most scenic points.

If you want to stay overnight, the park has dedicated campsites that can accommodate tents and RVs.

And for those bringing their pets, Lake Woof Dog Park is located on the northern edge of the attraction.

Other Things to Do Nearby
See the Animals at Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society

West Palm Beach is a neighboring city north of Lake Worth, and it’s teeming with gorgeous attractions for the whole family.

One of these is the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society, less than 10 minutes away from the city.

It’s one of the top-rated facilities of its kind in the whole state, bringing in tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Here, you’ll find various animals in the 23-acre tropical habitat.

Most of them are endangered, so they are actively cared for under the zoo's conservation program.

So say hi to sloths, otters, tortoises, alligators, and so many other creatures during your visit!

Final Thoughts

There are many things to see at Lake Worth: an art festival, a gorgeous beach, marine creatures in a lagoon, a theater play—the list goes on.

So if you’re looking for a destination in sunny Florida where history, nature, and human talent are celebrated, this is the place to be.

Reference this list when planning your itinerary to easily find the top spots!

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