Fabio Onrack in the limelight


Fabio is a fine art painter and muralist with a passion for transforming urban spaces. He first started painting at 14 years old while recovering from a serious accident and never stopped. Since earning his MFA in Visual Arts and Painting from the University of São Paulo, he has participated in the renowned Sarasota Chalk Festival (2014 & 2016) and gallery installations for Art Basel Week in Miami Beach. To date, he has designed and installed murals in over 40 schools throughout São Paulo.

Fabio's work tends towards simplicity, often using the faces of friends and family to depict vibrant colors and expressive, uninhibited emotions. He draws much of his inspiration from an area's history while allowing his paintings to take on a life and story of their own. His exploratory, impulsive style of painting developed in response to his own near death experiences and quickly became an artistic commitment to letting each moment unfold honestly. Through art, he continues to explore notions of unity and the power of personal expression.

For further references please visit Fabio's website, and see his LULA Artist Profile Page.