5th Avenue South Bikeway & Pedestrian Trail

In 2013, the City of Lake Worth (with the CRA acting as the primary sponsor) applied for and received over $700,000 from the Florida Department of Transportation to be used for construction and engineering costs to build a linear bikeway and pedestrian trail along the 5th Avenue South right-of-way from South ‘A’ Street to South ‘F’ Street. The trail will extend over 1,500 feet in length.

The City and CRA have identified the 5th Ave. South unimproved right-of-way as an excellent location to redevelop into a new open space featuring native landscaping, benches, bike and walking paths, and raised crosswalks at the intersections. To make this project possible, the CRA obtained support from two neighborhood associations, the Rotary Club of Lake Worth and various members of the public as we reached out and obtained community collaboration.

The goal of this project is to foster connections between all members of the Lake Worth community and to encourage students who would normally traverse on 6th Ave. South to use this bikeway instead.
The project will also include the addition of new striped bike lanes along South ‘B’ & South ‘E’ Streets from 6th Ave. South to Lake Avenue (approximately 1 new mile of bike lanes).

Construction is expected to begin in 2017.

CONCEPTUAL DESIGN PUBLIC MEConceptual 5th Ave. South Bikeway Rendering

Conceptual 5th Ave. South Bikeway Rendering (8MB)

Lake Worth Bike Network Plan (7MB)

Map of the Bicycle Network.

Palm Beach Post article about the new bike lanes.

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