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Scott White: Visual Vortex

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Scott White: Visual Vortex
Lake Worth, FL 33460
Scott White is a weird guy. Born in the era that brought us such life-changing things as Star Wars, muscle cars, & Black Sabbath, Scott has a curious view of the world. Stuck somewhere between being an uber-geek & a rock star, he’s one creative freak with an insatiable craving for chocolate milk.

Making a living as an award winning custom tattoo artist, he creates one of a kind works of art in skin daily. “I started tattooing in 1997 at Altered State Tattoo and I’ve been there ever since. I’ve dedicated my time to creating custom tattoos, and that has led me to see things in a different way.

An artist doesn’t just see something and take it for granted. Artists see the details. They see form and texture, light and shadow. I’ve learned to see the beauty in the most mundane things, and in ways most people don’t even consider.”